Karnataka with its beautiful and spectacular landscapes which has made people to develop rich forms of music, visual and performative cultures. I will imbibe these attitudes to entertain and make art as living and progress.
Stressed from daily routine and mechanics, I am indulging in a form of art which will make me forget my pain and bring out a new human being in me. Our art forms have made major contributions in making Karnataka’s heritage viable.
Many associations have been working in these art forms to preserve and propagate Karnataka’s rich culture and heritage. In the aim of preserving and protection of our culture and heritage we have formed an organization “NAMMA SAMSKRUTHI” under the guidance and blessings of experienced. We respect all forms of art and search for unknown better artists, and support new experiments in these forms. Apart from these we organize ‘Vanyotsava’, folk and handicraft mela/exhibitions, drawing compitations, and theatre festivals and serve physically challenged aged and educating the poor in our outreach programme. On the whole we are striving to society be informed and enjoy our culture and heritage.


1.   Striving in the interest of propagation, communication and holding programmes for the development and preservation of         traditional and folk forms with good mixture contemporary forms of cultural practices.
2.   Resource training for physically and mentally challenged students so that they can live on par with the normal students.
3.  To bring the varied forms of folk artists and performers in one place for a better distribution of their produce to support and         develop their crafts.
4.  To facilitate appreciative knowledge for students in rural and in villages for a better understanding of art forms.
5.  To arrange events frequently for a better exchange and understanding of art forms.
6.  To publish books, journal, news letters about our cultural practices and art forms and regarding the functioning of “Namma         Samskruthi”.
7.  To associate with other associations and organizations founded on similar aims and objectives.


Namma samskruthi inauguration was done by kannada film actress Mrs. Tara and Mr. J.M.S Mani at Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore and announced the winners of Chitrasparde-2010 on 27th of May 2010. She won the Best Actress award in the 2005 National Film Awards for her role in the film Hasina (film), which also received the Best Film on Family Welfare award. It was her first major recognition in a film career nearly two decades long and famous artist J.M.S.Mani, former principal of Ken School of Arts, Bangalore.

1.   ”chitraspardhe”, is an annual drawing and painting competition for students from 1st STD to 10th STD from all over Karnataka.
2.   Organizes folk mela for 10 days annually which hosts handicraft artisans, performance and theatre from all over India.
3.  Organize camps and workshops regarding painting and drawing in rural and village schools were the students cannot get exposed to these practices.
4.  ‘Namma Samskruthi publications’ published its first book ‘Drushya’ a compilation of articles about the 20th century’s influential art works made in Karnataka.
5.  Moral, financial and educational jservices for physically handicapped students.
6.  Showcasing works of performance and theatre artists.
7.  “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” – Pablo Picasso
ART, an Idea was conceived from the fact that even non-artists can be trained in art. “ART, an Idea”, is conducted for people of varied age groups. Irrespective of the age, they are given a chance to understand and explore the different forms of art in India and the World.